Copyright & DMCA

Peachy Pins respects the intellectual property rights of others and desires to offer a storeĀ which contains no content that violates those rights.Ā 

There are some things Peachy Pins wants to clarify:

    • The products for saleĀ on Peachy PinsĀ are offered by ourĀ supplier, who is based in China.Ā 
    • We do not hold inventory of the products for sale on
    • Therefore, we are not the legal owner of these products.
    • We only sellĀ products (pins and patches) for higher prices than the originalĀ price.

Due to someone pointing out that someĀ pins were designed by an other artist, we respectfully removeĀ theseĀ pins from our shop.Ā 

Because we respect the original artists of the pins, we strongly suggest to send us an email or fill out this form if you areĀ the original artist of one (or more) pins.

After verification that you are the original designer of the pin, we will delete the pin immediately. There is also a possibility toĀ - if you desire so - share profits, and work together.

Please always feel free to contact us byĀ sending an email toĀ